All video and animations presented in this reel were shot/edited/animated by Steve Celano.

The following pieces are mixture of freelance work and passion projects. All passion projects and projects under the name Take2Films are pieces that were shot and edited entirely on my own; true one man band style.

Featured pieces (in order):
"RFS" : Shooter/Editor (Storyfarm)
"ALASKA" : Shooter/Editor (Passion Project)
"Loyola Tonight Series Finale Teaser": DP/Editor (GreyComm Studios)
"Ascend Baltimore": One of many Shooters & Editors / Colorist (Storyfarm)
"Gina & the Beard 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'" : DP/Editor (Passion Project)
"Tour Baltimore: Own Guru": (GreyComm Studios/Passion Project)
"March Eighth" Shooter/Editor/Color (Passion Project)
"Friends School of Baltimore: Opportunity" : Shooter/Editor/Animator (Storyfarm)

After Effects Animation
"IndieGoGo Social Change": Animator/Editor (Freelance/Take2Films)
"Advance": Editor/Animator (StoryFarm)
"Allegis Group": Animator (StoryFarm)
"The Greene Turtle: Tips for Tots 2014" : Shooter/Editor/Animator (Freelance)
"DSCOVR Space Satellite" Shooter/Editor/Animator (Freelance with NASA/NOAA) 

Companies featured in the productions of this reel:

I went to Alaska with my friend Dan, and I brought a camera. What a beautiful state. 


"My Baby Loves Lovin" - White Plains 

"Love of an Orchestra" - Noah and the Whale

Canon T3i - Tamron 17-50mm F2.8

Edited in: Premiere, After Effects, Speedgrade

The Book Thing of Baltimore


"Our mission is to put unwanted books into the hands of those who want them." - The Book Thing The Book of Baltimore is not for profit bookstore where all books and all people are welcomed. All the books in The Book Thing have been denoted by people from all over the world and are free take, as many as you want. Russell Wattenberg is the Executive Director of The Book Thing.

Directed By: Aissa Claveria

Photography By: Steve Celano

Edited By: Steve Celano and Aissa Claveria

Shot on: Canon C100 - Tamron F2.8 17-50 - Canon 24-105 F4

Edited on Adobe Premiere, Audition, Speedgrade

March Eighth

It's my 22nd birthday; I want to explore. 

{r}evolution apparel: The Interviews (2012)

This summer, we traveled across America to learn more about fashion, consumption, and the environment. We spoke with writers, professors, farmers, CEO's, and designers to gain perspective on the sustainable fashion movement.

We hope to release a short documentary of our experience in the coming months; for now, enjoy the trailer!

Tour Baltimore (2012)

On the first episode of Tour Baltimore we head downtown to Fells Point and explore a small music store; Own Guru ( The owner, Alan, tells about his experiences starting and managing the store, as well sharing his love of music and the vinyl record.

Wait for the Drop (2011/12)

"Wait for the Drop" is a documentary that follows the life of Evan Slagle as he tries to establish himself in the world of DJ-ing. DJ Vibe Lime (Evan) began DJ-ing about 4 years ago and has been working his way to recognition by playing local clubs in Baltimore and expanding his reach to areas such as DC and South Carolina.

My Story: An Introspective (2011) 

My Story: An Introspective By Steve Celano (A project for my Intro. to Communications course) is a self-examination of who I am as a filmmaker. The video serves as a metaphor for the way I go about making an actual film. I look back on the films I have made and I look to what the future has in store for me. This is My Story.

Winner of: Loyola University Maryland's First Film Festival