Love Letter to Baltimore: A Foreword

Woody Allen's Manhattan opens with a stunning tribute to New York City; a simple, clean, black and white look at the city accompanied by the alluring music of George Gershwin. A definitive classic. The sequence is the Allen's love letter to the city that raised and inspired him. As Scorsese was showing audiences the Mean Streets of  New York, Allen was bringing us a much more auspicious, idealistic view of the city. The softer side of the "Big Apple."

Last semester I took an American Art History course that focused on the development and architectural language of four major cities: Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Baltimore. The last of which I am currently taking refuge in. While the course did more harm than good to my GPA, I would be remiss if failed to acknowledge - despite my best efforts - that the course increased my appreciation and affection for "Charm City."     

Ever since I returned to Baltimore for a sixth semester at school I've wanted to create a piece that shows off the true gems of the city. The softer side of The Wire.

In my first episode of Tour Baltimore I hope to capture Baltimore in the way Allen captured New York. A simple black and white look at the city that has been so generous to me in the past three years and an homage to the great director.