The Semester Review: Fall 2012

As the first half of my Junior year reaches a rather uneventful close, I decided it would be a great time to sit down and take stock of what Take2 and myself have been doing for the past four months. 

Over the Summer I had a very unique opportunity to travel the country and hone my "filmmaking abilities" (if there even is such a thing). For 2 months I was truly practicing what I preached; working as one-man-band force of production. From filming to editing to animating; pre to post-production, the responsibility of many fell solely on my shoulders. The biggest take away: it is possible to handle it all, to a limited extent.   Armed with this affirmation, I decided I would use the first semester to spread the good news to my co-workers at GreyComm Studios; my university's student production company which I am the Production Manager. I was committed to teaching and helping my co-workers and friends become their own one-man/woman-bands, and become indispensable to a potential employer. The commitment to teaching did come at the expense of exploring potential projects of my own, but it was certainly worth it. We have a very talented staff, I look foreword to seeing their work next semester.  

The latest "Only on GreyComm" AD I created in October.

In November I traveled with GreyComm Studios to Atlanta, GA for the College Boardcasters conference (CBI). I wrote about the experience in a past post

Take2 did have a few side projects throughout the year. I reunited with DJ Vibe Lime, twice, to film some very big shows; including his opening set for Wolfgang Gartner. Take2 also produced two animation videos for a process serving company in Baltimore. Finally, I helped film a promotional video for Relay For Life, a great organization dedicated to helping those individuals battling cancer.

For next semester, I'm hoping for a return to form for Take2.

I have yet to make a great follow up to Wait for the Drop, and I'm longing for a new long form project to show the world.