About Steve

By: Steve Celano

Steve Celano is a Baltimore (soon to be NYC) based cinematographer, editor, and motion graphic designer. What he is not is a writer, so reading about him is a very challenging, often laborious experience. He much more interesting in person, I promise.  

Steve has had a passion for video production since he was a child. A true fascination with the moving picture. He came of age just as the digital video revolution was taking off. He gracefully made the transition from editing 8MM tapes on two VCRs, to importing miniDV tapes into his computer to create his childhood masterpieces. (If that all sounded very technical, don't worry, it was. Which is why Steve often considers himself a prodigy) . Films such as *A Special Day*, *A Big Event* and other titles that came prepackaged with his first digital camera, are often regarded as Steve’s childhood masterpieces.   

Despite his best efforts, he grew older and was thrust into the terrifying world of high school. In high school he downloaded a copy of Adobe After Effects (legally, he swears) and learned the power of compositing and motion graphics. With this new found skill set he created his magnum opus Steve Vs. Steve, which he’s been known to show people to this day if they insist. He would go on to graduate from high school, and build a media empire. One that completely the altered the media landscape. He conquered mobile. Innovation. Sharing economy. Millennial. Buzz words.

What actually happened was Steve decided to leave his home state of New Jersey (Southern Jersey, to be precise) and travel to Baltimore, MD (The Greatest City in America) to begin four years of higher education. 

He attended Loyola Maryland University, majoring in Digital Media and minoring in Art History and Philosophy. In the summer of his Sophomore year Steve was offered an internship with a start-up sustainable fashion company; {r}evolution apparel. As a one-man-band he traveled from Seattle to San Francisco for two months, creating a series of videos documenting the trip. It was his first true exposure to the West Coast and boy did he love it. When he returned to college the following year he began to take a lead role in the university’s campus video production department; GreyComm. At GreyComm Steve honed his skills as a videographer, editor, and leader. Regularly holding meetings, teaching classes, and setting aggressive goals for the studio. 

A year before Steve graduated, he skipped class one day to attend a digital media conference, hosted at Loyola. At the conference Steve was told about fresh and exciting video production company in Baltimore; Storyfarm. That evening - 2am to be precise - Steve sent Storyfarm an email to introduce himself. He was greeted with open arms. 

A mere two weeks after graduating from college, Steve went right work full time at Storyfarm. During his three years at the company Steve worked in a variety of roles. From support roles like AC, grip and gaff, to lead roles like Director and DP, Storyfarm gave Steve experience in all aspect of video production. While at Storyfarm Steve worked on national and local commercials, presidential campaigns, and traveled 2500 feet underground to film a salt mine in Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, that Cleveland. Honestly it was pretty nice down there. 

After three years of working at Storyfarm and 6 years of living in Baltimore, Steve decided it was time to change things up. In May of 2016 he left his job and Baltimore to try his hand at working in New York City.

Thus brings us to where Steve is today. He’s right here. And he wants to work with you.  So contact Steve if you'd like, he would love to speak with you. Just don't mention that you read this, I think it's supposed to be private.